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Ready to Conquer the 2020 AP Exams?

Here is what you can do to get a head start in preparing for the AP Exams in May!

1. Start with old material. Refreshing your memory on a regular basis, repeatedly testing your knowledge in the subject material is crucial to strengthening your understanding for any subject!

2. Approach new material with the AP test in mind. Remember that the AP exam will be the "culmination of the entire year!" Take special note of any areas where you struggled. This way, you can go back and review to ensure better understanding of especially difficult topics.

3. Don't overly rely on your high school teacher. Often times it is very difficult for teachers to cover ALL topics AND do comprehensive review prior to the exam in May. It is your job to review and practice specifically with the AP exam in mind, before the end of the semester.

4. Invest in an AP prep book. A good practice workbook can only enhance your understanding of exam materials. Make sure to familiarize yourself to official tests to prepare for the big day!

5. Get expert AP help. Instructors at Genesis Academy are here you help you, every step of the way. With extensive tutoring experience under our belt, we will guide you to perfectly prepare you to perform your best in the AP exams. From fundamental concepts to tackling actual test problems, experienced Genesis instructors promise to help you achieve your highest academic potential!

Written by Seo Kim.

Referenced this article by The Princeton Review.

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