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James Chung believes that each student has their own pace of learning and he formats his classes to fit the growth of each unique individual. Mr.Chung makes his students' successes his top priority.

  • 20+ years lecturing experience

  • Former Math Program Director to 350 students at Irvine Chinese Center

  • His students have graduated from Fairmount, Irvine, Woodbridge, Northwood, and University High school as Valedictorians.

  • More than 200 former students attend(ed) Ivy League

  • He has instructed over 1000+ SAT/ACT/AP classes

  • AP Chemistry, AP Physics: Best Science test prep instructor in OC


Teacher Sachin has a B.S. degree in Neuroscience from UCLA; and a Master's degree in Physiology & Biophysics from Georgetown University. He was a Distinguished AP Scholar, having taken 12 AP exams-- the English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, European History, U.S. History, Calculus BC, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Spanish, U.S. Government & Politics, and Microeconomics. At Genesis Academy, Sachin oversees multiple subject areas including the SAT/ACT Reading, Writing, Math, in addition to other subject-specific test-prep courses like the AP Biology, Chemistry, to name a few. With over 15 years of teaching experience, he helps countless high school juniors and seniors achieve their goal of attaining admissions to their dream schools!

Teacher Chan graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in Statistics. His extensive experience as a math instructor has taught him that each student is different in the way the material is understood. His pedagogy has been to adapt to the needs of each student and in doing so, make an effort to connect with each individual, be relatable, and foster a positive learning environment where the material is presented in a manner easy to digest. Chan sincerely wishes that every student he teaches slowly becomes to love math and purely enjoy the learning experience with him!

Teacher Adi's first summer job was to help grade papers for a Calculus Class at a Community College in 1999. He was only 15, but a professor was so impressed by his aptitude. Since then, Adi have found that connecting with students offers him the deepest fulfillment. During his studies at NYIT’s 7-year medical program, he tutored Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. He also worked with Princeton Review & Kaplan for SAT. Later he taught GRE Math and GMAT Math as well. In the last 6 years he has been a Private Tutor full-time. He teaches Geometry, Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English at Genesis Academy. He also teaches a book club to help improve vocabulary, reading comprehension, and critical reading skills. He has also had the opportunity to help a few PhD candidates with their comprehensive exam, dissertation, and defense. Through the years he has worked with a range of skill levels and age levels: developmentally disabled to elite prodigies - primary school students to adult professionals.

For Teacher Kate, there is nothing more exciting than learning (though teaching is a close second!). She had the opportunity to do both while studying at English and Biology as an undergraduate at Stanford University and then through graduate English at Georgetown University, where she was a Writing Center Fellow and taught creative non-fiction courses. Intricacies of grammar, tools of rhetoric, well-crafted language, and the pure joy of literature fascinate and inspire her. Kate finds few things more satisfying than helping students discover deep truths in books and their own voices on the page, and she absolutely insists on having fun while doing so.  She's also a lifelong learner across a range of disciplines, from history to sociology to physics to philosophy, and is always excited to explore those and many other topics with her students.

Counselor Bonnie is an expert College Admissions Counselor, whose academic background in English B.A.  from UCLA; and School Counseling M.Ed. from USC affords her as one of the best college essay writing and application consultants in the greater Orange County area. She has helped numerous students get admitted to top universities in the country by carefully planning for and guiding the students in writing their most meaningful personal statements. Her expertise shines through strong relationships she builds with each student, encouraging and motivating students to reach their highest potential.

Teacher Beverly has been a high school Spanish teacher for over 20 years. With a Bachelor's degree in Spanish from UCLA; and a Master's degree in Education from Chapman University under her belt, she has trained thousands of students master their Spanish reading, listening, speaking, and comprehension skills in the greater Orange County area. In addition to her professional teaching credential in Spanish, teacher Beverly's relentless passion for education has equipped her with outstanding skills and learning materials that continuously render only the highest grades for students taking advanced Spanish courses. Teacher Beverly hopes to use her teaching know-how in enabling more students to become immersed in the Spanish culture and the arts.